Beauty Tips for Teenage Girls – Makeup and Care

Everyone wants to look beautiful and admiring. During a certain stage of life we all get crazy over our looks and this phase of life is the teenage. During this phase, especially girls pay lot of attention to different beauty tips.

Here are some tips about beauty and care just for you.

Makeup tips for Teenagers:

  • In teenage, due to hormonal changes some girls may get pimples and acne. Such teens should be very cautious about using makeup.
  • Before applying makeup, wash your face with a good face wash or delicate soaps.
  • Wash your face frequently

    Wash your face frequently

  • At teenage, your skin is delicate and soft. So, don’t apply makeup on daily basis. Apply only when required, as on some occasions and party time. And whenever you use make up, make sure to have lighter make up over your eyes and lips.
  • Put  light make up

    Put light make up

  • It is always advisable to use moisturizer as a base for your makeup. If you skin is oily, use oil free moisturizer and if your skin contains pimple or acne, use therapeutic base for your make up. Even consult your demonologist for acne and pimples.
  • Selection of foundation should be as per your skin color and skin type. If your skin is oily, prefer using oil free foundation. If there are pimples and acne on your face, use therapeutic one. Girls having acne, pimples, and blemishing skin should always use therapeutic behavior foundation. Therapeutic foundations or blemish concealer are available in the market which act as a remedial cure for oily skin.
  • Use proper foundation before putting makeup

    Use proper foundation before putting makeup

  • Teen girls should concentrate in light makeup or natural makeup. This requires highlighting only the attractive parts of the face and shadows the flaws.
  • Make sure that the makeup should be done in an elegant way so that it doesn’t look mature, and doesn’t harm your skin. Choice of colors should be in light shades for example pink, peach, beige etc.
  • Choice for your eye shadows should be made in such a way that it should give you a fresh, young and radiant look. Use a delicate and small amount of eye shadows without making it gorgy and make you look fresh and young.
  • Use light eye shadows

    Use light eye shadows

  • Use of brown mascara is basically good for teens. Don’t go for black during day as during day time it makes you look very gory and kills the natural look. Use of waterproof mascara should be to minimum as it is harder to remove. Always use pencil eyeliner, avoid using liquid one as the pencil give a feel of natural beauty.
  • Use pencil eyeliner

    Use pencil eyeliner

  • It is recommended for teens to use pink and peach color blusher. Mainly used blushers by teens are either liquid or stick.
  • Use pink or peach color blush

    Use pink or peach color blush

  • Natural lip makeup for teens is lip-gloss. It will give a natural color to the lip. If the lips are rough apply lip balm. For nighttime use light or natural color lipstick.
  • Prefer mild lip gloss

    Prefer mild lip gloss

  • Use of sun cream is very helpful in preventing the skin from UV. Even though the climate is not sunny, use of sun cream will give a long term effect.
  • Use of petroleum products or Vaseline for removing eye makeup is good for delicate skin like eyes. It also helps in curing rough and chapped lips.
  • Never go to sleep with makeup. It can easily harm your soft skin.
  • Remove makeup before going to sleep

    Remove makeup before going to sleep

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