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The Caring Effect of Curl Enhancing Shampoos

Curl enhancing shampoos add a lot of glamour to your lovely curls. They make the hair more bouncy, shiner and healthier, making it flow lavishly. You could get a shampoo which cut the heaviness of your hair, makes them tangle free, adds shape and volume to your curls and repairs your damaged locks or one which takes care of your curls as well as your hair color. These products not only clean your curls but they also leash them a fresh, life.

There are innumerable

Curl enhancing shampoos accessible in the market, making it difficult to choose the right one. There are scientific shampoos (chemical based), natural or herbal shampoos. It is always better to go with an acknowledged brand, as this way you could be more confident to get value for money. Instead of selecting a shampoo on a trial and error base it is better to go on the internet where there is a lot of information available related to these hair products. This will help you determine which shampoo is best for your curly hair. Most of companies have their own sites with every detail about the product. The reviews on these websites will give you a clearer idea of which is the best shampoo for your curly hair.

Remember that using an enhancing shampoo will not make your curls look heavenly in a jiffy. The positive effects of the shampoo are going to be meager. If a shampoo makes your curly hair look a little shinny or it feels less frizzy that means that the product is effective and you could be content that you have chosen wisely.

Many of the brands have a very scientific approach to care for your curls. They are a result of some good researches, which are intended to make your hair look great and feel even better. The pH balanced shampoos are intended to clean your hair without drying them. This gives more volume to your locks, making them bounce with joy. Too much dryness is never good for curly hair as this disturbs their natural flow and makes them tough to manage. So you need to go in for milder shampoos which have minimum or no harsh products.

The natural product based curl enhancing shampoos are surely gentler than the scientific shampoos. They use natural products like, basil, rosemary, comfrey, cinnamon bark and others to make the hair look soft and shinny. Each of these non chemical products has its own unique properties. They moisturize, deep clean, add shine, soften and make your curls richer in feel and appearance. The right combination of a number of natural components will give you the best shampoo for curly hair.

Most of the curl enhancing shampoos and other related products are heavy on your pocket. Using them on a daily base would not be feasible for your monthly budget. The best way is to give your locks some extra pampering one or two times a week. This will be enough to make your hair look beautiful.

Temporary Hair Color-Functioning and Type

Coloring hair is a fashion, which is there in the society from a real long time. Earlier people used natural herbs to color hair, but in 1909 a French chemist brought the first chemical hair color into the market. Since then hair colors have become much common in usage. Coloring hair not only highlights and brightens the face it also makes a person look younger and adds to the overall personality. All types of long and short hair could be colored easily at home or at hair salons.

Temporary hair colors are easily available in the market in several forms like foams, gels, rinses, sprays and shampoos. These hair colors are extra vibrant and classically brighter as compared to permanent and semi-permanent hair colors. Temporary hair colors are largely used for the purpose of dyeing for a special event like Halloween, a costume party etc.

In temporary hair color the pigment molecules are large, so they cannot penetrate through the hair cuticles. They remain closely attached to the hair shaft and are simply removed by a single hair wash. Sometime when the hair is extremely dry or spoiled it allows the color pigment to migrate into the hair shaft.

Choosing a suitable hair color can give major breakthrough from the conservative and boring look. Many people use temporary hair colors to highlight their hair for social events, weddings, parties etc. This helps them sport a totally new look, contrasting the routine look. There are several varieties and shades of hair colors available in the market to suit everyone’s needs.

Delicate highlights are appropriate to give a little warm and classy look. One can use many colors of blondes to give some dimension and depth to the hair. A common trend of highlighting is to color all the hair with different colors. These colors are a mix of blonde and red, which is a perfect blend of cool and warm colors for a bold and gorgeous look.

Lowlights works well when one chooses to enhance some darker hair with lighter hair colors. For example if a lively look is needed for black hair, one can opt for some shades of red to the foundations.

It is not required to highlight the entire hair for an exclusive look. Some add color to the booms of the face or crown to achieve the hot and chic look. Youngsters usually use pink, red, white, purple, blue and bright green colors for highlighting. Working people who are looking for a more professional look generally opt for bronze, copper tones, golden or mahogany colors to highlight small strands of hair.

A good understanding of different hair colors, face shapes and skin tones will a person choose a perfect hair color which will give a dynamic look. Advice of professional hair color specialist could also be taken before dyeing the hair. Or else one can keep experimenting until a satisfactory look is achieved.

Temporary hair coloring can easily be done at home within a few minutes. The durability of hair colors depends on the product chosen and how often the hair is washed. Some products start fading from the first wash and some others last for number of weeks.

Some Hair and Beauty Products for Right Hair Care

Today’s cosmetic market abounds in a variety of hair and beauty products catering to the needs and tastes of its customers. Of the many hair care products that are available on the shop counters, the most commonly sought out hair care products are the shampoos and conditioners. Some of these hair care products may cause adverse effects when used on your hair as they contain chemical additives.

Yet a few brands of shampoos and conditioners are blended with natural ingredients like lanolin, vegetable oils, fatty alcohols, waxes, mineral oils etc and are quite safe to use. They promote hair growth too. Such natural ingredients are beneficial for some hair problems like hair loss due to sebum and dirt accumulation, adding volume to limp hair, combating hair dryness and so on.

Certain useful hair and beauty products are the specially formulated cream hair conditioners that can be used on a daily basis. There are other cream conditioners that you may use once or twice a week. To fix your hair instantly, you may wish to use hair serums or hair sprays. It is not advisable to use chemical based hair products especially on dry hair. They can cause further damage.

Hair coloring or hair dyeing is in much vogue these days. The cosmetic market for hair care is flooded with hair color related hair and beauty products to choose from. Try to opt for the natural ingredient based hair colors rather than the hair colors containing chemicals. You can get your desired shade of hair color even with natural hair colors

Professionally used hair and beauty products are the safest bet.

There are certain hair and beauty products that you may need if you run a hairdressing parlor or even to use at home for yourself. You will need good brushes and combs to do your hair job in the parlor. Different kinds of brushes help you to create different hair styles. Even different hair types need different types of hair brushes.

Hair dryers are another important hair and beauty products that are useful either in a salon or at home. A decent hair dryer will dry your hair efficiently without causing damage to it.

Hair straighteners are yet another hair and beauty product item that find much use in today’s hair fashion scene. They are commonly used in a salon or at home too. If you want to use one at home, you can opt for an easy to use hair straightener.

The right sort of hair dressing scissors and hair clippers are needed to achieve different hair styles that your customers would desire in your beauty salon. Today with a variety of such styling items available in the market, all you have to look at are their performance, durability, comfort and price.

The hair and beauty products related to hair removal treatments like waxing or electrolysis are of utmost importance in salon use. You will need the right equipments for proper hair removal techniques that would make your clients happy! You can use them at home and feel glad too!

Revitalizing Moisturizing Shampoo

A moisturizing shampoo is meant for restoring the natural moisture of your hair which is lost in the process of cleaning. It makes hair soft, glowing and malleable, taking away the effect of the hair wash. Properly cleaned and moisturized hair look fresh and strain free even at the end of the day, adding more luxury and style to self.

Normal to dry hair, healthy to damaged hair, bleached to colored hair, all require a caring shampoo. Different types of hydrating shampoos are available in the market with each catering to the need of special types of hair. The moisturizer in the shampoo provides continues hydration to the hair, making it appear livelier. This is the perfect way of cleaning and caring. All the dryness from the deep cleaning of the hair is neutralized by the moisturizing elements. This way a single product performs multiple functions, thus saving time and energy. It has an enormous effect on the health and appearance of your hair.

There are several hydrating shampoos accessible in the market or at the druggist. That’s why when buying a moisturizing shampoo always be sure to get the best one which has an all in one effect on your hair. It should clean, moisturize and deep condition your scalp and hair, simultaneously. Moisturizers are either water based or cream based. One needs to decide on a product which works with a perfect balancing artifact for your hair. A good product should be able to clean and soften the hair with minimum or no harmful effect to your graceful tresses.

Checking the components of the shampoo plus moisturizer is important. This will help in understanding the amount of hydrating effect it will have on your hair. If the shampoo has a good amount of sulfates in it, it means that it’s good at cleaning the hair thoroughly. Sulfates are the main ingredients which assist in fighting dirt and buildup. However a product with too many sulfates will not moisturize the hair properly. So the balance between the cleaning elements and the moisturizing agents needs to be appropriate for achieving the best effects for the hair.

The purpose of a moisturizing shampoo is to gently clean the hair and scalp. It also has to make the hair smooth and shinny and fresh, with no sign of dryness. The shampoo should be able to reduce the effect of environment, styling or any other condition the hair have been exposed to. Getting such a formula would not be easy. It’s better to study a little about these shampoos and their ingredients before reaching for them on the stands.

It’s highly recommended to put in a few extra dollars and get the best brand of moisturizing shampoo for your loving hair rather than using a cheaper, commonly obtainable shampoo which has no major traits to boost off. Surely a little extra given away will gain for you the best shampoo with a moisturizer leading to win all situations for your hair.

Regular Hair and Skin Care Prompts a Beautiful You

All of us have grown up being told that we are what we are inside and not the other way. Yet, we always crave to have a beautiful appearance externally. Women especially, leave no stone unturned to make sure that they look their best at all times. While no offence is being meant here, there is really nothing wrong in looking good. Some care from our side will surely help to make us look good inside and outside. You can start with some hair and skin care.

Who doesn’t like to flaunt a beautiful head of lustrous and healthy hair or a glowing skin- totally blemish free and soft to touch like baby skin! There are some secrets to a hair and skin care routine which when followed will make you a near Cleopatra! There is absolutely no need to waste money and time on visits to a beauty parlor.

Avocado is said to be wonderful for hair and skin care. An avocado mash when massaged into your hair and left for about an hour and then shampooed can give you great looking mane for you!

Similarly diluted and refrigerated apple cider vinegar if used as a hair rinse is known to give great benefits to your tresses.

Aspirin is a great dandruff remedy. About 2-3 aspirins when dissolved in an anti dandruff shampoo and used for hair washing will help to relieve your dandruff problem.

Hair and skin care secrets are aplenty and you just have to try those that may suit you.

Massage your hair with mayonnaise and then follow with a hot towel treatment to your hair several times. Such an action will yield the benefits of conditioned hair.

Hydrating yourself by drinking plenty of water and fluids daily is another basic hair and skin care open secret. But do we ensure about our scalp health in the same way? A dry scalp will result in hair fall. It is best to keep your scalp clean and make sure that your intake of water and other liquids is high.

It is a hard task to beat the pollution levels outside. For this you need to take your hair and skin care routine seriously.

Having sound health will reflect on your outward appearance making you look healthy with a good skin. Pay attention to your diet. Stay away from the tempting burgers and pizzas. Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables instead. A well balanced diet will tell not just on your health but on your skin too.

Add a routine of moderate exercise to your schedule. You will be amazed at the glow that your skin starts to show. The secret behind this is that exercise improves your blood circulation and brings healthy blood to all parts of your body. Use of high quality cosmetics is another point to be noted. Cosmetics with natural ingredients will be safe and effective for you. So with a little effort from you, your hair and skin care will prove to be worthwhile and bring good results for you!

Reasons for Hair Loss – Identify and Take Action

In today’s society as appearances matter a lot, hair loss is a thing to cause worry. The reasons for hair loss can be quite debatable and even two hair specialists may not conclude the same cause. In the fast life that we lead today, it is not just the adults that suffer from hair loss malady but even the teens and young adults are not spared from this sorry issue. Hair loss problem can be short term or it can be permanent. In most cases hair can be re-grown once the underlying root cause is detected and rectified. Unfortunately, if the problem is permanent, hair cannot re-grow.

The reasons for hair loss are plenty, while some are known reasons, others are obscure reasons. Baldness or hair loss in men is well known as it is visibly seen. Such a pattern of male baldness in men is called Androgenetic Alopecia. The reasons for hair loss of this type are due to genes, hormones and androgen.

Another version of hair loss is seen in men and women and the reason for hair loss in such cases is contributed to the medication being taken for treating some illness. A doctor can set right this condition by substituting medicines.

In many people, hair loss can be due to their health condition. Thyroid patients and diabetics generally face hair loss disorder and can seek medical help to rectify such a condition. Malnutrition is another identified factor and reason for hair loss. Patients of such category can consult their dietician or nutritionist and get this problem corrected.

Some people suffer from small bald patches here and there on their scalp. This condition can start from childhood and if it is not corrected, it will progress further to result in complete baldness of scalp. This is an auto-immune disease called Alopecia Aerata and is found to affect 1.7% of the entire population.

Some percent of the population loose their hair due to Trichotillomania. The reason for hair loss of this type is rather awkward. People suffering from this disorder are said to exhibit a habit of constantly puling their hair, a psychological disorder to be more precise. Immediate medical attention will help to solve this problem.

Poor nutrition or the wrong choice of foods is another common reason for hair loss in many. Necessary nutrition in the diet is needed for a healthy scalp. Persons suffering from anorexia and bulimia disorder are the likely few in this category of hair loss. Eating healthy food in the right proportions can set this problem correct.

In many others, the cause for abnormal hair loss can be due to the chemotherapy treatment being taken for certain illness. Ageing factor is yet another well known and inevitable reason for hair loss which cannot be reversed.

Stress is another identified cause for hair loss in many of us. People who work in stressful environment and have to meet deadlines everyday are the most likeliest to suffer from such hair loss pattern. These people should learn to cope with stress as they cannot obviously change their profession.

Hair loss problem is really not a situation to despair. Your hair specialist is the best person to deal it and set things right for you!

Protective Hair Conditioner

People have been conditioning their hair from centuries. Natural oils and other natural or herbal products have been acting as the best of conditioners for all hair types since ages. It is only later that people started using a chemical hair conditioner, to nourish their hair. These conditioners are chiefly non oil based and make your hair soft and smooth without leaving it greasy or heavy.

A hair conditioner is basically any product which will help soften your hair, assisting in easy maintenance. They make your hair tangle free and very manageable. Conditioned hairs look more shinny and lively, while a good conditioner leaves your skin relaxed and moisturizes the pores, allowing the scalp to breathe.

A first-rate conditioner will clean the pores of dirt, oil and bacteria. It will assist in growth of healthy hair and also keep dandruff away.

Different hair conditioners are required for specific hair types. People with thin hair need conditioner which will make their hair look thicker or fuller, while people with rough and wavy hair will need a hair conditioner which will make their hair manageable and soft.

A conditioner mainly consist of moisturizes which nourish the hair, re-constructors that strengthen the hair and acidifiers like pH, which give shine and bounce to the hair. Acidifiers also act as the detangling agents; they make the hair so much more manageable and prevent breakage. Thermal products added to the conditioner prevent the hair from any damage which could be caused due to the heat from blow drying, curling irons or hot rollers. Some conditioners contain glossers which are mainly cosmetic in nature. These glossers reflect light and make your hair shine, they are best for frizzy hair.

An oil based hair conditioner is most excellent for dry hair. People who are using chemical product like hair colors, relaxers, etc need to treat their hair with oil. These oil conditioners can transform the most porous and dry hair, making them pliable.

Experts do not advise the use of a shampoo on a daily base, as it strips the hair of its natural oils, leaving them dry and unmanageable. If you are into the habit of washing your hair daily, it is important that you do not shampoo each time, instead you can use a conditioner. This will not just clean your hair but also keep them nourished and healthy. You can use a conditioner 5-6 times a week and shampoo your hair 1-2 times. This will be a good regime for your hair.

Many people use a hair conditioner after shampoo, each time they wash their hair. This leaves their hair very well moisturized. After using a regular shampoo, it is advisable to use a good conditioner. You can apply the conditioner, spread it and leave it on the hair for around 3 to 5 minutes. After this you require rinsing the hair well to avoid any residue. This process will assist in preventing any damage to the hair caused by strong shampoos. It can be concluded that a conditioner acts as a protector of your hair.

Permanent Hair Color-Functioning and Types

Now day’s hair coloring is very popular and people of all age groups are using it. About 75%-80% women are coloring their hair and more percentage of men are being allured towards using hair colors. It is interesting to know that Eugene Schueller a French chemist was the first person to launch hair color in the market in 1909 and today hair coloring is a fashionable style statement.

Understanding Hair

Before going into the details on how modern permanent hair color works and their chemical compositions. It is important to understand ones hair i.e. its chemical composition and how it gets different natural shades?

Hair is composed of keratin; it is the same protein which is found in fingernails and skin. Phaeomelanin and eumelanin are the two proteins which are responsible for natural shades of hair. Phaeomelanin is accountable for red, ginger and golden color while eumelanin is accountable for black and brown shades of hair. If these two types of melanin are absent it results in gray or white hair.

About Permanent Hair Color

Permanent hair color penetrates into the hair to last longer. Whole coloring process of permanent hair color involves two steps. One is removing the natural color and then adding in the new color to the hair. For this at first the cuticle, the upper layer of hair shaft is opened. Then the permanent hair color can be placed into the hair. As cuticle of hair is opened the permanent hair color gets to react with the internal part of the hair.

Cuticle is opened with the help of Ammonia an alkaline and the hair color is allowed to pierce the cortex. Peroxide is also used to remove the pre-existing color of the hair. Peroxide releases sulfur, breaks chemical bonding of hair which creates an odor of hair color. Now the new color is put into the hair and bounded with the cortex. It is then time to close and seal the cuticle so that the new color is protected.

How Much Time Does This Take?

Time taken for this process of coloring depends upon the climatic temperatures of the place. If the temperature is cool it takes more time to process and if it is hot the processing time is automatically reduced. Time taken for permanent hair coloring also depends on the hair type, if the hair are porous they will require less time and it the ends of hair are porous they will need more time.

Form of Permanent Hair Colors

Permanent hair colors are available in the market in two forms. One is in liquid form and other in crème form. Liquid hair colors are easy to apply and less time consuming. They are applied over the hair directly by holding the bottle in hand. They are convenient to use when only one color is required.

Crème hair colors are time consuming as they are to be applied with a brush. As the crème form is less likely to get absorbed by the nearby hair, it is often used where only few hairs are to be colored. Crème style colors are very common in multi hair coloring where different colors are used on a single person. Crème style hair colors could also be used to highlight small portion of hair with a particular color.

Paramount Products for Oily Hair

Oily hair is clumsy and it tends to give an untidy, tired look. It needs more attention and care than other hair types. In the market has made available several products for oily hair, like shampoos, conditioners and styling sprays, which make this hair easier to manage.

Washing hair daily is the most common suggestion given to take care of oily hair. But this is not a very convenient solution, that’s why one needs to use specific products which intend giving a fresher look to your hair even if not washed regularly.


Amongst the products for oily hair dry shampoos are said to be the best. They wash away a good amount of oil from the scalp and the hair. This makes the hair look light and oil free. One needs to purchase the best quality shampoo, a product which will not be too harsh on the hair and will also fight the oily condition. It is sensible to go in for branded shampoos as a great amount of research goes into the making of these products. Though they are a little costlier more than common shampoos, their effect is also longer lasting.

Mild anti-dandruff shampoos could be used for oily hair as they have grease fighting components in them. Using a clarifying shampoo once a week will clean thoroughly and help in a big way. Organic shampoos could be tried as they are gentle on hair. Shampoos with natural components are recommended for oily hair as they excel at fighting away the grease, making the hair look fresher for a longer period of time.


Along with a good shampoo a conditioner is advisable for all hair types. Generally people do not associated, hair conditioners with oily hair, as they believe that the hair will get a sticky look. On the contrary to this, hair experts advice their clients on using conditioners for their hair ends, to keep the oil away. Applying a branded conditioner at the lower ends of the oily hair will make it look fresher and will keep it tangle free.

Using the right kind of conditioner it important, as heavy weight conditions will contribute to the greasy scalp condition. Lightweight conditioners containing natural products like tea tree oil are excellent, as they take away the oiliness from the scalp.

Styling foams:

Some women prefer using styling products for oily hair. These foams or sprays, give a little freshness to the oily hair on the second or third day of the wash. They add volume to the laid down hair and help in styling up. This way the hair is in a more manageable condition for a longer span of time

As our hair type is determined by hormones or genetics, there is very little chance that the natural condition of hair will change forever. Using these products for oily hair will only help keep the oiliness away for a longer period of time making your hair more manageable and beautiful.

Natural way of Hair Regrowth

Everyone faces hair loss at some stage of life or after a certain age. The desire to re-grow these lost hair is great. As a result there is abundance of products available in the market for hair growth. However there is no guarantee that these hair growth products will help in regaining the lost hair. In some cases these products could do more harm to the hair than benefit because of the chemical used in their manufacturing. So it is always a better choice to use home therapies for hair regrowth.

Some of the common and effective home therapies are as:

  • Massage the scalp with coconut milk and leave it for 25-30 minutes. Then wash hair with warm water. Repeating this procedure around three times a week to show better results. After a month one will notice a reduction in hair fall and growth of new hair.
  • Warm coconut oil with some hibiscus flower in it. Cool and store in a container. Apply to the hair and scalp at night and wash in the morning. Repeating this procedure at least two times a week will show good results for the hair.
  • Prepare a mixture of avocado and coconut oil. Spread the mixture over the hair and leave it for 1-2 hours, before washing. Using this on a regular basis will make the hair soft and shinny and also show regrowth of hair.
  • Applying a few drops of almond oil to the scalp and hair at night daily helps in growth of fresh hair.
  • Take two tablespoon of shikakai powder, reetha(soap nut) powder and amla (gooseberry) powder and add an egg to it to prepare a paste. Apply it to the hair and scalp properly and leave it for 30 minutes before washing thoroughly with a shampoo. Using this mixture at least twice a week will show hair regrowth within a month.
  • A Chinese herb Fo-ti can be consumed directly as a herbal medicine or as tea. It is good at reducing hair fall and initiating regrowth of hair.
  • Folic acid is also a fine source of initiating natural hair regrowth. It is found in garbanzo beans, peas, lentils, papayas, collard greens etc.
  • Intake of Vitamin E assists in enhancing blood circulation all through the body. Increased blood circulation through the scalp will automatically improve hair growth and make the hair stronger. Cereal, sunflower oil, almonds, soybean oil, corn oil and some fruits are a good source of Vitamin E.
  • Vitamin C helps in the growth of collagen which intern assist in the regrowth of hair, making hair stronger and preventing hair fall. This vitamin is commonly available in red peppers, fruits like oranges, kiwi, strawberries, guava etc.
  • Vitamin B increases the hemoglobin level in the body. This increases the amount of oxygen reaching the scalp, making hair healthy and encouraging regrowth. Chicken breast, potatoes, roast beef, bananas, oatmeal etc are the common sources of Vitamin B.
  • Vitamin A is a good nutrient for the hair. But its intake should not be more than 1000000IU per day, as over dose could result in hair loss. Natural source of vitamin A are squash, orange, mango, sweet potato etc.
  • Exercising daily is a healthy habit which improves blood circulation all throughout the body. This helps in hair regrowth.