Hair Growth Products – Types and their Effectiveness

Most of the people around the world are unsatisfied with their hair due to some reason or the other. Loss of hair, dry hair, rough hair and several other reasons contribute to this dissatisfaction. Like it is commonly said that every problem has a solution, hair problems also have solutions. In today’s era, there are multiple products available in the market to take care of hair. All one needs is the right knowledge about the availability of the products and their usage. Here one will get an idea of the types of hair growth products available and their effectiveness.

The market if flooded with hair growth products in the form of vitamins, shampoos, conditioners and hair food. Conditioners and shampoos are the most commonly used hair growth products. Shampoo which are formulated for hair growth mainly contain panthenol which is said to be a form of vitamin B and has the ability to get absorbed into the scalp and hair. Apart from this these shampoos also have a number of other chemical and natural ingredients that assist in hair growth. It is observed that hair growth shampoos show better results when they are used along with hair growth conditioners.

Hair food is another vastly used hair growth product. It is generally applied directly to the hair and scalp and left to sit. As most of the hair foods are oil based, they are not very appealing to use on a daily bases or on all occasions, as they could hamper looks. These products are usually a combination of natural herbs, roots and vitamins. Hair foods provide good nutritional value to the hair.

Some hair growth products come in the form of sprays. These products usually contain amino acids and proteins. They are said to be very nutritious for the hair. It is believed that they strengthen and protect the strands of hair, making them stronger. Hair sprays are meant to be applied on to the hair for styling and to make them manageable or less troublesome.

Nutritional deficiencies in a person also contribute towards hair problems. As a result a person might face poor hair growth or no hair growth. In such cases supplements are prescribed to improve the condition of the hair along with the intake of topical food. Various types of hair growth supplementary are available in the market. They commonly contain vitamin C and B along with other adding products like silica, zinc and beta-carotene.

Healthy hair are said to be a sign of good health that is why people are advised to eat nutritious food. Following nutrition’s need to be a part of daily intake for healthy hair:

Vitamin C: Deficiency of Vitamin C leads to hair break and split ends. Foods rich in vitamin C are green leafy vegetables, bell peppers, tomatoes, papayas, guavas and citrus fruits like lemons, oranges etc.

Vitamin A: it helps in the growth of good and strong hair. Vitamin A is commonly found in dark leafy vegetables, sweet potatoes, milk, fish etc.

Vitamin E: This particular vitamin acts as a very good source for circulating the blood to the body and scalp. It also helps hair follicles in absorbing nutrients. It is obtained by consuming nuts, dried herbs, olives and vegetable oils.

Vitamin B Complex: It is the most essential nutrition for hair growth and healthy hair. Dairy products, eggs, tuna, liver, whole grains etc are the foods rich in Vitamin B.

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