Helpful Nail Products

Your nails are the highlights of your figures. They need to be kept clean and beautiful as this makes you and your hands look beautiful. Nail products are one of the fastest growing segments of the cosmetic industry.

There is a wide range of products made available in the stores which can be used to clean and shine your nails and emphasize them is several traditional and trendy ways.

Nail products for an effective manicure and pedicure are commonly used by men and women as all need to have well groomed fingernails and toenails. A nail cutter, filler, nail brush and a bowl are essential for the process of manicure or pedicure. This process includes the trimming and filling of your nails along with moisturizing them.

A nail UV-lamp can also be use for your nails to give them a healthy dose of vitamin D, making them stronger. A cuticle pusher will make your nails look well groomed. Lastly a manicure requires that the surface of the nail should be massaged with a cream having finely ground pumice or talc, this helps in nail shine.

After a manicure women require to apply nail polish of a fine quality. Nail polishes came in a large variety of colors, shades and with different compounds. You require selecting the best for your nails in order to prevent them from any damage. It is essential to apply a base coat to your nail before applying nail polish. This will prevent the nails polish from chipping. Then the actual colored nail enamel is applied followed by the third coat, which adds gloss and gives additional resistance to chipping.

Accessory nail products like nail Shellac are also being used by many to highlight their beautiful fingers. These are generally not applied at home and will require professional help. A step by step process will give you temporary artificial nails which can be decorated as you please. They can be worn for 4-6 weeks.

Nails which get brittle due to over exposure to solvents, detergents and water can be treated with nail hardeners. A hardener can be applied to the nail like a nail polish. They act as protectors of the nail plate and also perform the function of a base coat for nail polishes.

A nail polish remover can be purchased and used to clean and remove the nail enamel. It generally contains strong solvents and alcohol. It can be used on a tissue or cotton ball to wipe clear the nails of all the coats of nail polish. Mild enamel removers are also available, they contain natural moisturizing oils.

Cuticle removers are important nail products which help in removing the painful cuticles. Regular usage of cuticle softeners will facilitate the mechanical removal of cuticles.

Usage of nail enlongators has become quite common now days. These are artificial, plastic or acrylic extensions of the nail. They can be decorated and stylized in several amazing ways. Nail products assist in making your nails attractive and strong, looking fantastic all the time.

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