How to Carry Out Facial Spa Treatment At Home

Spa generally helps to soften the skin and make it more succulent. It can be carried out on any apart of the body. The same treatment can also be carried out on the face. It can help to remove dead cells from the face and make the face look more succulent and fresher. It also tends to confer a younger look on you. Spa treatment on other parts of the body may be very easy, but facial spa treatment can be challenging.

If you do not know how to get things done, you should call at a spa where they can help get things done. But things can be done right at home if you know how to carry it out. Doing it at home will save you the extra cost you will incur at the spa. The spa can be considerable expensive. You can get the same beautiful result with your facial spa treatment by using simple home products like salt and honey.

Needed materials

In order to carry out your facial spa treatment at home, you will need materials like honey, washcloth, sea salt, towel, large bowl, exfoliating cream and skin cleanser. Many of these things can be obtained in your kitchen, pantry or bathroom. If you do not have them, they can be bought cheaply at any of the utility stores around.

The simple process

Dirt, sweat, surface oil and other things need to be removed from the face before you start with the facial spa treatment. Use the skin cleanser mentioned above for this. A creamy cleaner will be the right choice for anyone with dry skin. Anyone with oily skin can go for an ordinary skin cleanser. This should however be done very gently.

The initial cleaning should be followed with the application of an exfoliating cream. The cream helps to exfoliate your face and remove dead cells, leaving the youthful looking skin in its place. This should also be done very gently. Do not rub excessively to avoid damage to the face. Focus more on the T-zones of the face when doing this.

The next step in the home facial spa treatment involves steaming your face to open the pores on the face. This helps to remove any blockage from the pores. This can be done by pouring hot water into a bowl and bending your face over the steam for about 10 minutes. Cover your face with a towel while doing this. You should ensure you close your eyes when doing this. Sea salt should be added to the steaming water to reduce the effect of light headedness.

After the steaming, apply honey on your face. Honey act as a mask. It can be applied on all kinds of skin. Clay-based or hydrating factory-made mask can also be used for oily and dry skin respectively. The last step in the home facial spa treatment involves the application of moisturizer to the face. Leave the moisturizer on the face overnight. You can repeat the process once every month.

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