Moisturizer Cream for Diverse kinds of Skin

We are all aware of several creams that can be applied on our face and body. Those creams which we apply on our face, feet, dried elbows, dried heels, lips and all over body serve the purposes smoothening our skin, reducing aging effects, oil control on the face, removing dryness of skin, whitening of face skin, for acne and pimple prone skin, and for responsive skins. Basically all moisturizer creams, mainly contains chemicals with complex mixtures to soften the upper layer of skin.

Moisturizer for regular skin:

Normal skin is basically without open pores, non oily, not dehydrated, with no black spots, soft, toned. Such skin keeps glowing which indicates good health. It doesn’t require much attention but needs little care.

Moisturizer which contains lemon juice, rose water, sandalwood oils, lavender, geranium chamomile, patchouli, fennel are good for the skin.

Moisturizer for dried out skin:

The basic fundamental of the moisturizer is to hold the water content of the epidermis (upper most layer of the skin), which is approximately 12-15% and helps the skin from drying out.

Heavy oil-based creams that contains dimethicone, grape seed oil and antioxidant are very good ingredients for softening of skin.

Moisturizer for greasy skin:

Oily or greasy skin is due to extra secretion of sebum by our skin glands. Because of this, the skin looks shinny and has blemishes. Such a skin is more prone to pimples or acne due to sticking of dust particles on the skin. Oily skin is good in the sense that as it locks the water in between the skin and prevents wrinkles.

Those moisturizers that do not include wax and contains very small amount of oils are good for oily skin. If you need to tone that kind of skin, always use lotions that are natural and have pH between 4 and 6 and are meant basically for oily skin.

Moisturizer for whitening of face:

The basic whitening cream contains kojic acid and hydroquinone in proportionate composition. Chemically, Kojic acid is obtained as a derivative of fermentation during rice malting and hydroquinone and it is also called as quinol. Quinol is a chemical compound similar to phenol and it has a solid-granule white color. One should not use whitening cream for more than three months. Always consult your dermatologist before using this cream and report to him or her as soon as the problem persists.

Moisturizer for reactive skin:

Some skins are very reactive or sensitive to any type of chemicals. We need extra care while using any cream on such skins. Such types of skins are prone to rashes, redness, itching, irritations of skin, blacking of some part of skin, etc.

Moisturizers that contain less or no fragrances, acids and dyes are good for reactive skins. Products which contains chamomile, aloe or naturals herbs are good for such skins.

Moisturizer for lips:

Lips get dehydrated and chapped. This can be due to many reasons such as climatic conditions, some medications, breathing through mouth, etc. Whatever may be the reason, it reduces the water or moisture on the lips. To retain the moisture on the lips, use products that mainly contain beeswax, honey, and petrolatum.

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