Natural Ways of Hair Thickening

Everybody wants to have thick and shiny hair. Some people are naturally gifted with thick hair while others are always craving for them. The question for some is how to obtain thick hair? While for others it is how to retain them? There are many products available in the market, which can help in obtaining and retaining thick hair. But like most of the chemical products these hair thickening products could have certain side effects, which could affect the health of the hair badly. Therefore it is best recommended to adapt natural ways of hair thickening especially for those people who have sensitive hair and skin. Home therapies have been aiding people in obtaining and maintaining thick hair without side effects, since the times unknown.

Some of the home therapies for encouraging thicker hair growth and managing thickened hair are described below:

  • Heat some coconut oil, add fenugreek seeds to it and continue heating till the seeds pop. Make a paste of hibiscus leaves and flower. Add this paste to the hot coconut and let it cool down. Massage this oil on to the hair and scalp and let it stay for around two hours before washing the hair. This coconut oil mixture is to be applies 2-3 times a week. It will give volume to the hair and make them soft and shinny. It also works to repair the torn apart ends of hair.
  • Oat flour is a good source of nutrients for the hair. Mix some oat flour in your conditioner and apply it over your hair and then rinse with warm water. It helps in hair growth, making them strong and solving problems like hair loss and hair thinning.
  • Take some henna powder in a bowl and mix some water to make a paste. Leave the mixture overnight and the next day, apply it over the hair. Let the mixture dry and then wash only with warm water, do not shampoo and apply a little oil to the hair. This helps in hair thickening and also adds softness and color to the hair.
  • Prepare a paste of banana and avocado in a bowl. Message the paste onto the scalp and hair, then cover the head, leave it for 15-20 minutes. This will allow the paste to get absorbed. Then the hair could be shampooed properly. This makes the hair strong and thick as these fruits are good source of potassium and vitamins E, B and A.
  • Smash an egg and massage it to the hair and scalp. Then try and to slowly comb the hair. This will spread the egg all over the scalp. Through the scalp the nutrients present in the egg will directly affect the hair roots, nourishing the hair. This will result in hair thickening, hair growth and even the quality or health of hair will improve. Vitamins A, B, D and E present in the egg work wonders for the hair. These vitamins help in regulating sebum creation in the scalp which in turn prevents the hair from becoming thin and rough.
  • Massage of warm olive oil over your scalp and hair twice a week will help the hair to grow strong and dense.

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