The Amazing Massage Therapy

Massage is a hand-on treatment given to the entire body or a part of it. Here a therapist manipulates the muscles and soft tissues of the body to improve health. This healing therapy has been in practice since centuries.

It has been growing as a profession. People have started going through regular therapies as they want to relax and release all tensions. Beauty salons, Health clinics, Spas and special massage centers generally offer this service. There are several ways of rendering it, ranging from gentle strokes, kneading of muscles and other techniques

There are almost 100 types of techniques of rendering a massage. Each technique is different from other and is targeted towards achieving a specific goal. Varieties of aromatic natural oils are used in this process.

The touch of the hand is very prominently used in a message. A particular technique can either stimulate or calm the body muscles and tissues. As the hand of the practitioner work on the body soft tissues, electric signals are sent to the local area and all through the body. These signals together with the healing properties of touch, aid in healing damaged muscles, stimulates blood circulation, clear waste products via the lymphatic system, it also aids in boosting the immune system, reduces pain and relives tension, thus giving a calm feeling.

A massage therapy session begins with the practitioner asking questions about any symptoms you have, like lower back pain and about your medication history. Then you need to take your clothes off and lie down covered in a sheet, the sheet is moved to expose only a certain part of the body which is being worked upon. Oils or lotions are used to avoid friction between the skin and the hands of practitioner.

The message room is generally kept quiet and warm, with soft music is generally played inside the room. The practitioner’s hands continue working on those parts of the body which are problematic. The message session can range from as short as 15 minutes to as long as 90 minutes which includes follow up visits, depend upon the nature and gravity of the problem.

A massage is supposed to be good for support healing. It boosts energy and reduces recuperation time after a severe injury. It can also ease out pain and increase mood, relaxation and over all well being of a person. It is very handy in attending to problems related to the musculoskeletal system, like osteoarthritis, lower back pain, fibromyalgia, along with strains and sprains.

This technique moreover has been helpful in relieving depression from people who have chronic fatigue syndrome. It can ease persistent constipation problem, reduce swelling following a mastectomy (subtraction of breast). It can also rectify sleeping disorders as well as improve self-image.

In work places this hand-on treatment has been used to move stress away and augment mental alertness, improving the work atmosphere.

Massage is also beneficial for mothers and their new born. Mothers who render this therapy on their babies develop a stronger bond with their little ones. This inexpensive way of treatment has many proven benefits on overall health and well being of the patient.

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