The Benefits of Eyelash Extensions to Women and Natural Beauty

Eyelash extensions may appear natural since it is being applied to your natural eyelashes. It comes in different style, thickness, and length that you can choose for your suitable preferences. Moreover, it gives your eyes the new look with thicken and increased length over your natural eyelashes. In this article, we will discover the benefits of eyelash extensions to women and natural beauty.

Compared to false eyelashes, eyelash extensions are far better and safe as the prior may cause damage to the natural eye through tear, water, and by removing it. In addition, false eyelashes are not very reliable and could be risky too. On the other hand, eyelash extensions are stick on to the natural eye lash by using a special kind of glue. With special care, the eyelash will last up to 3-4 weeks and will grow normally along with your natural eyelashes. It also falls out along with your natural eyelashes in about 8-10 weeks. To maintain the fabulous look, make sure that you do refilling to your extensions every 2-3 weeks. In case the extensions completely fallout from your eye prior to the average refilling time, it only means it has not been properly applied.

The application of eyelash extensions is done by trained and certified professionals since they can guide you through what shape, thickness, and length will best suits you. Prevent doing the procedure at home since it would be too dangerous. In case you want to remove the extensions and would want it no more, look for a professional specialist who will do it as well. The total volume of lashes to be applied is also customized by the professional specialist. Every single strand of extension is applied to one single strand at a time. Cluster or semi extensions are applied by adding multiple strands to the single lash. In this way, fuller lashes are created.

There are various reasons why women are getting eyelash extensions. One main reason is having short sparse strands of eyelash hair, which needs heavy coating of mascara. Because of this, the extensions had to complexity and variety so women can enjoy their desired of having wonderfully long lashes. The extensions consist of artificial material that is separately attached to the eyelash and not on the skin. The procedure of application is a tedious process that usually lasts for 1-2 hours to complete. During the process, a formulated lash adhesive is used to form a solid bond with the current lashes. This will create a look that is flexible and natural.

Semi extensions for eyelashes do not give same natural look as the full extension. It also gives temporary lasting effect possibly because of its materials and adhesive used. You can also go for mink extensions for your eyelashes as these are naturally soft and similarly close to the natural eyelashes. Semi, full, or mink extensions can give you the comfort, especially when worn with makeup. You just have to choose the product of best quality and great comfort for your eyes otherwise it you will end up experiencing drastic results.

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