The Techniques & Designs of Hair Braiding

Hair braiding is one of the oldest hairstyles cherished and practiced by millions of people worldwide. To become a fashion trend, it had crossed a long way from the ancient Africa and Egypt. Let’s discuss some of the classy hairstyles involving hair braiding techniques as we go along this article.

Braiding hair is an ancient art and its history began dated back between 3500 and 4000 B.C. This ancient hairstyle is now a popular choice for both women and men simply because of its elegance and cuteness. Depending upon the chosen style, the techniques of hair braiding may vary from the simplest form to the complicated one. English braids are believed to be more complicated compared to the styles of fashionable African braiding, fishtail braids, and French braids. Before choosing your preferred braiding style, make sure that you provide your hair with the proper care such as making it well-moisturized, clean, tangle-free, and healthy all the time. You may utilize hair care products such as conditioner, gel, or hairspray to dampen your hair making it manageable and smooth. Do not practice braiding style on hair that is brittle and dry as it will cause the hair to break.

The simple English hair braiding is the simplest form to make. It is started by removing all tangles and parting the hair in three equal sections: the middle section, the left section, and the right section. Cross over the sections and replicate the process till the braid reaches its desired length. Afterwards, you can tie the hair end with the piece of ponytail holder or rubber band.

The French hair braiding is more complicated but comes with intricate style & design, and elegant look. Its process of crossing over the three sections is continued on both sides by adding newer sections and crossing the sections over the middle section. The variant of this braiding style is the Dutch braid or Inverted French braid that can be made by doing slight alteration. In this style, every section of the hair has to cross below the middle section and not on top of it.

The fishtail hair braiding looks like a fish’s tail as the name suggests. In creating this braid, get a small portion of the hair from the crown part and split it into equal sections. Repeat the process of cross over, get a small hair section, and then insert it to the current hand section. Cross one hand section over the other hand section. You shall repeat these steps until the stunning fishtail braid hairstyle is achieved. The braid hairstyle can be added with rhinestone hairpins or jewelry.

The techniques of African braiding come in different types whereas cornrows are the most popular and oldest. In this style, hair is divided in two parts and a small section of hair is taken in one section. Afterwards, the first section is divided in three equal parts whereas the other section is crossed below the middle strand. Repeat all the steps for every section of the hair.

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