Useful Information about Manicure

The word manicure has been derived from the Latin words manus which means hands and cura which means care. From this we can see that this is a specialty that relates to the care of hands (including the nails). Both men and women may choose to be manicured at any time of their life however women may choose manicure more times than men.

Manicure may be performed at home by oneself or by attending a nail salon which specializes in this field (people who choose manicure as a profession may commonly be known as manicurists). The main purpose of manicure can be better looking nails (it may also prove helpful in removing wrinkles from the hand’s skin) as well as their healthiness because manicure can help in making the blood circulation in the hand better.

The procedure may include shaping of the nails’ edges, filling, and their polishing. During the treatment the hands (including nails) may be soaked into a softening liquid to soften the skin for later treatment. The treatment of nails may include giving some gloss paint to make them look good. That paint can be of a single solid color or can be transparent (for giving only some shine to the natural nails). Modern manicures may also use small paintings or decals to the nails as well.

A treatment involving hand may also involve soaking them in paraffin wax. Paraffin wax is used probably due to the reason that it does not prove harmful for the human skin on the temperature which it melts and is used for treatment. The paraffin wax applied in the manicure can help in balancing the oil contents present in the human hand. A lotion may also be used to soften the hand’s skin among its other possible purposes.

One type of manicure is also gel manicure which is used to bind the artificial nails to the natural nails. Gel manicure can be said as a preferred type over others because acrylic and other nails may chip easily as compared to gel manicure and it can also be said to have less or no odor. Gel nails are normally kept transparent and the natural nail color may be visible under it. Natural nails may also continue to grow under these gel nails without possibly any damage to their health.

Modern manicuring is done by specialized tools made for this purpose. These may include: Nail clipper, Cuticle clipper and cuticle knife, Buffer, Brush, Scissors, Manicure Table, Cotton swabs (for removing old nail polish) etc.

Following can be some types of manicures that a person may find in a nail salon:

French manicure: A clear polish may be the primary used. The shape of the nails may be kept square.

Intensive paraffin wax: Warm wax used for wrists, hands, and nails for softening.

American manicure: natural looking manicure with nails trimmed near to the finger tips.

Hot stone manicure: hand massage using hot stone therapy for relaxing the hands.

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