User Friendly Home Made Beauty Tips Work Out Cheap Too

Many a times, simple home made beauty tips work better than the expensive on-the -counter creams and help to rejuvenate your skin and heal wrinkles. A large number of models and celebrities through out the world have access to such beauty advice and follow it religiously. You will be surprised to see the quality of their skin as a result of the implementation of these home made beauty tips. These methods are not just skin friendly but safe and economical too.

Home made beauty tips are not anything new but have been around since ages. We all know that the Queen of Egypt, Queen Cleopatra bathed herself in milk and honey to keep her skin soft and supple. Milk contains lactic acid which is an effective skin softener and honey is a humectant which adds the much needed moisture to our skin.

A very effective skin softening and smoothing home made beauty tip is to make a face pack by mixing finely ground oatmeal and honey. Make it into a paste and apply it to your skin. Leave it on for 15 minutes and rinse it off with tepid water. This mask helps to moisturize and exfoliate your skin.

If acne is your problem, you will find a good home made beauty tip in the use of tea tree oil. You can dilute tea tree oil with some water and apply it with a cotton pad after you wash your face. Having anti-micro bacterial properties, tea tree oil thus applied regularly will help to control acne.

Here is a home made beauty tip to make a good face scrub in a jiffy. Mix finely grated orange peels with 2-3 crushed aspirin tablets and add a few drops of orange juice to it. Your salicylic acid scrub is ready to use.

A home made beauty tip for those horrible under eye dark circles: You can apply a slice of cucumber over each of your eye lids and relax for about 15 minutes or you can use fresh and juicy apple slices in place of cucumber slices. Done regularly, both offer effective remedy to deal with dark circles under your eyes.

Most often, the Sun or the cold season will dry your lips and torment you. A simple home made beauty tip to deal with such a lip condition is to apply a little sweet almond oil at night before you go to bed. Done regularly, your lips will regain its softness again.

An occasional use of a little baking soda to brush your teeth will help to keep them glistening white. As an alternative, you can use fresh lemon juice too.

Such home made tips are real money saving and easy to follow. Many of these ingredients are easy to procure or may be found in your pantry itself. Many of the on-the-counter products that we buy are very expensive as we pay for their fancy packaging too. Moreover these products are often loaded with fillers, artificial ingredients or harsh preservatives. So why pay for the fakes when you can make your genuine beauty recipes from the all-natural ingredients found in your home itself?

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