Various Ways of Hair Straightening

Hair straightening is known to many but only a few are aware about the techniques involved and the different methods adopted for each hair type. Numerous varieties of tools and methodologies are used for this process, depending on the sort of straight hair required. Basically there are two modes of hair straightening, permanent mode and temporary mode. In permanent mode the hair are made straight permanently and in temporary mode straightening will last only for a certain time duration. There are thousands of ways of hair straightening. Each person opts for a different method, depending on how constricted the curls of their hair are.

Some of the commons ways of hair straitening are:

By using lotions:

Straightening lotions are a good option for those who have wavy hair. These are easy to use and can be self-applied. These lotions generally contain some oils which prevent the hair from curling up for a few hours. Generally after applying a hair straightening lotion hair need to be blow dried. This gives the wavy hair a straight look. One can choose from numerous brands of lotions available in the market.

By using chemicals:

Chemical hair straightening products are also known as chemical relaxers. They are not found commonly in the markets, because they are composed of excessive pH chemicals. Chemical bonds in the hair are responsible for the different hair type like curly, wavy or straight. The straightening chemicals break these bonds and help in the straightening of all hair types. However these hair straightening chemicals have side effects, and can cause harm to the skin and hair, because they contain lithium hydroxide, calcium hydroxide, guanidine carbonate and ammonium thioglycolate.

By using hot irons:

Hot iron is a very popular way of hair straightening and its market demand has increased tremendously in recent times. This method is purely temporary and last only till the next hair wash. It is important to choose the right hot iron depending on the hair type, for example if a person has short and wavy hair, it is recommended to opt for a less width plate and if the hair are thick long, it is best to go in for a wider plate. There are different types of ceramic, tourmaline and titanium plates available in the market. Hair ironing could be done at home or at a salon.

By using Keratins:

This is another popular type of hair straightening method. It is commonly known as Brazilian keratin treatment. In this process a variety of chemical are applied to the hair and ironing is done for several hours. In this process formaldehyde is used, which is a carcinogen. This process alters the hair and gives them a magically look.

By using permanent way:

Those who are not satisfied with temporary hair straightening can go in for some permanent solutions. Japanese thermal type of permanent hair straightening is quite popular. It involves reconditioning, neutralization treatment, relaxing chemicals, conditioning and high temperature repetitive ironing. After taking this treatment one is not suppose to wash, wet or tie the hair for three to four days. This is a time consuming and costly process but doesn’t require many salon visits for maintenance.

Before going in for hair straightening it is best to know about the pros and cons of the processes involved. The prize of each hair straightening method will vary depending on the hair type.

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