Wrinkle Treatment with Natural Therapy


All human beings are aware of wrinkles but nobody wants and like it. It destroys the appearance or looks of the person. It can be caused by many factors like, due to deficiency of nutrients and minerals in body or is always caused by aging. By whatever reasons we get wrinkles, we don’t want it. So below you can find some treatments which are can be done easily at home.

Steps on Wrinkle Treatment

  • Take some cucumber water and mix four to five spoons of milk in it. Now take two cotton balls and dip it in the solution and apply it under eye. Keep it for fifteen to twenty minutes and rinse your face with water. After that immediately do not apply face wash or soap.
  • Use of papaya is also very good for skins. It contains good amount of nutrients like antioxidant beta-carotene and vitamins like C and E.
    • Take papaya pulp and mix some olive oil and prepare a mixture. Apply it over face and neck by gentle messaging; leave it for 25-30 minutes. Apply daily before bath or before face wash.
    • Consumption of papaya empty stomach daily in the morning is also helpful for skin glow and prevents wrinkles.
  • Honey is again a good source of Carbohydrates, Vitamins and proteins. Mainly all type of vitamins is found in honey.
    • Take two to three table spoon of rice and soak in water for some time and make a paste by adding some honey and allow it to cool by refrigerating it. After 15-30 minutes remove the paste from refrigerator and massage it over your face and neck and leave the face to dry for 20 minutes and wash your face with water.
  • Vitamin E is again a good source for protecting the skin form wrinkles and keeping it glowing. It contains antioxidants which is helpful for keeping the skin healthy.
    • Take one capsule for Vitamin E and mix with 1-2 teaspoon of glycerin. Apply it over face and neck. Massage gently for 5-10 minutes and face your face with water. Apply daily for soft and glowing skin.
  • Almonds are rich in nutrients like calcium, vitamin E and magnesium. Being a good source of calcium and Vitamin E become a healthy source of food for skins.
    • Take 2-3 almonds and soak it in water and make a paste by adding some glycerin, olive oil and milk. Apply it over face and leave the paste to dry and wash your face with water.
    • Massaging your face and neck with almond oil is also helpful for shiny and soft skin.
  • Pineapple is a good source of vitamin B6, fibers and copper becomes another good source for preventing skin roughness and lines marks.
    • Prepare a paste of pineapple plump and apply it over face and neck for 10 -20 minutes and wash your face with water.

Some common tips

Take sound sleep of seven to eight hours daily.

  • Avoid eating junk food.
  • Try to stop and avoid drinking alcohol smoking and beverages. Drink enough water daily.
  • Do not use hard chemical on your skin.
  • Don’t take much stress.

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